Level 2 Service Provider Sydney

As the Level 2 Service Provider Sydney, we provide level 2 accredited services to Sydney and its suburbs. Our level 2 services include the best quality services done according to the standards of the industry by the professionals.  Sydney coverage of ASP (Accredited Service Provider) also applies to NSW (New South Wales). Your level 2-service provider is just a call away.
As Level 2 ASP Electricians in Sydney we can undertake following level 2 services as it’s consisted of working on electricity distribution network assets between the point of common coupling and the point of supply.

Level 2 Accredited Services For Sydney

Install or repair overhead or underground service lines in your resident or business place. And also it includes the maintenance of underground services lines /overhead as well. If your service lines are damaged, Guiseppi Costa Electrical is the right person to call for a free quote and we can replace it as soon as possible.

Making the connection “live” by connecting the service line in your residence / business place to the network or disconnect service lines from the grid.

Standards for Level 2 ASP Overhead and Underground Service Lines

These services are provided according to the industry standards and to the standard distributor procedures, removing / replacing the security seal of the electricity distributor would be done by us.

Installation and making the connection of service lines that goes underground to the point of supply. This service is provided according to the industry standards.

Disconnecting and reconnecting of consumer service lines/consumers mains to the point of common coupling; and replacement of service fuse(s), service active and neutral links.

Meter Box Installation Service

Safely installing meter box (electricity measuring system) to your home / business place and doing maintenance.  If your meter box is old, we can replace old ceramic fuses to new circuit breakers and safety switches. Also we are able to change your old asbestos switchboard panel to a new Bakelite panel. We can also replace any old timber or rusted meter boxes to a new galvanized meter box.

This includes installation and the removal of whole current metering equipment in accordance with the local distributor’s published standards and energizing installations.
We are the Level 2 electricians, recognized in the Sydney that provides professional level 2 services to the past years. Our reputation proceeds as your expectation and we keep the quality of our services remains the same. We do every job with maximum safety, as we believe the safety comes first. Our professional approach to your matters will ease your life further when working with us and we are bound to give you the best.
Level 2 Services : Underground

Level 2 Services : Overhead

Level 2 Services : Meterbox

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